Video Content Can be Affordable, Timely, and Good, with Someone Who Knows What They are Doing
Posted by mediabuying, 02/02/2018 8:23 am

Every marketer has to contend with one reality of content creation. Video content can only do so many things, and that means sacrificing affordability, quality, or timeliness. It is possible to make a video cheap and quick, but it won’t necessarily be good. It is also possible to make a video really good and in a short amount of time, but it may cost a lot.

In the modern video world of media buying, does this argument stand? Things may move too quickly for it to have the kind of immortal longevity that some may believe.

Time, Money, Quality

The above argument is a little short-sighted. It assumes that there is no striking balance between all three of these things that can be achieved. In the extreme case, if a video is made in an hour (timely) and it is an amazing online video (quality), then it must have required one million dollars thrown at it. This can’t possibly be true. A good video can be made at an affordable level.

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The Devil in the Details

It requires a team that understands the nuances of video creation. Furthermore, the rules may be a bit broken. For example, what is the definition of good? A cheap video has the potential to go viral. The viral aspect may make it a good video in the eyes of many because it completed its goal of, well, making money. A kitten playing the piano is cheap, quick, and good. The last aspect is debatable.

Admittedly, there is a world of difference between a teenager with a webcam and a large-budget corporate video, but these worlds are slowly coming together. Cheap videos are becoming easier to make. Good videos may not take the time dedication that the above argument says is essential.

Finding a Balance

There is a delicate balance between these three aspects that a talented team can manage. A video can be affordable, good, ad done in a timely fashion. This requires a team that can set up a prompt video production because they have many resources lined up. This allows them to offer a lower price, keeping the TV commercial affordable and in the budget.

Due to the resourcefulness and the talent, the team can provide a good video. All aspects are accounted for. The three-pronged argument can be fulfilled with people who understand what it takes to get the job done, and who can communicate this to a client.

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